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Student Workshops

Basic Anatomy for Yoga Practitioners: 2 hours

Gain a basic understanding of your body and how to modify your practice to best suit your own needs. 

Introduction to Arm Balances: 2 hours

Arm balances can be a little intimidating the first time you see them! Learn how to build strength, safely experiment with taking weight into your hands, and incorporate arm balances into your practice. 

Practicing Arm Balances: 2 hours

Intended as a sequel to Introduction to Arm Balances, we'll focus on how to bring arm balances into your practice and gradually build up to more challenging poses. 

Yoga for Pregnancy: 2 hours

Whether you are an experienced yogini or just starting your practice, this workshop will have something for you. We will talk about modifying yoga poses, which poses are helpful during pregnancy, and how to practice in a way that serves your changing body. We will close with an hour-long practice together. Birth partners are welcome to attend. 

Pranayama and Meditation for Beginners: 2 hours

Discover the many benefits of pranayama and meditation. You'll learn different breathing techniques, how to build an effective meditation practice, and how to implement the use of mantras during meditation.

Partner Yoga: 1.5 hours

Bring a friend and enjoy a fun-filled practice together. We'll focus on yoga poses that can be done in pairs and include a bit of massage along the way. Note - this is not acroyoga

Birth Partner Yoga: 2 hours 

Partners will learn ways to support the pregnant and labouring woman in yoga poses, to help adjust her body for relaxation, and to safely massage and support her during this special time in her life.

Beyond Asana - A Taste of Yoga Philosophy: 2 hours

It's hard to have a deep, philosophical conversation in the context of a modern yoga class. Take some time to dig in and learn about the guiding principles behind the practice of yoga.

The Yamas and Niyamas: 2 hours
Learn about the first two Limbs of yoga with this in-depth workshop. Take your practice off your mat and into your daily life. 

Introduction to the Chakra System - 2 hours

Learn about the chakra system, what role it plays in your overall well-being, and how to balance energy through a variety of practices. 

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