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Beginner Workshops

Introduction to Yoga: 

Designed for people who are new to yoga or those who have never practiced outside of their home. We'll cover basic poses, alignment, modifications for various injuries or conditions, and breath techniques. This course can be presented as a 6-week series or a one-time workshop. Please contact me for more information.

Introduction to Movement:

I developed this program for people who would consider themselves to have limited mobility. We will discuss how to move safely, how to explore your body's range of motion, and how to use everyday household items as props to support your body. This is best done as a 6-week series. 

Stretch and Learn: 30 minutes

A brief stretch routine that is ideal for the workplace. We'll go through some basic stretches that are easy to do on a regular basis while we chat about keeping your body happy at work. 

Pranayama and Meditation for Beginners: 2 hours

Discover the many benefits of pranayama and meditation. You'll learn different breathing techniques, how to build an effective meditation practice, and how to implement the use of mantras during meditation.

Meditation for Parents and Caregivers

Learn the basics of meditation and how to use meditative practices to ease the stress of day-to-day life as a caregiver. Learn to calm yourself in difficult situations and think with clarity. 

Beginner Courses: About Me
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