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Prenatal Resources

I put this page together because a lot of people ask me for prenatal resources. Here, you'll find more than just information on safe movement. You'll find the tools you need to prepare for your birth in a way that suits you. 

The number one piece of advice I give to moms is to not take on anyone else's birth baggage. Your process is unique and I encourage you to take an active role in preparing for your birth. It's important. YOU are important.

Prenatal: Welcome

Web Sites


o   Prenatal yoga videos for home use


o   The parent video on this site is a must watch

o   Check out Miles Circuit for near the end of your pregnancy

o   Baby's position is critically important for your birth

o   if you are going to read birth stories, always go positive


author of books listed below

· – author of books listed below, leading midwife in North America


Prenatal: Text
Prenatal: Text


Consultant, birthing companion, and birth trauma expert 

Sleep support group

Local sleep consultant

Local parenting support group and resource

Prenatal: Text
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