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Professional Workshops

Teaching Arm Balances: 3 hours

Learn fun, creative, and practical ways to introduce your students to arm balances. Whether you're teaching beginners or more advanced students, you'll be able to make arm balances accessible and interesting. 

Getting Comfortable with Hands-on Assists: 4 hours
Assisting students can be intimidating, especially if you're out of practice or aren't sure what to do. You'll have an opportunity to practice assists, receive constructive feedback, and build on your repertoire. 

Yoga for the Pregnant Body: 2 hours

If you've ever wondered how to help the one or two pregnant students who pop in to your class, then this is for you. Learn how to cue safely and give your pregnant students pointers on how to keep their body happy in your class. Note: This does not replace prenatal yoga training. 

Advanced Flow Sequencing: 4 hours

Do you find yourself teaching the same flows over and over again? Are you bored with your sequencing? Do you want to learn how to gradually build your way into more challenging poses? Learn how to create new flows that will keep your students guessing and give yourself a chance to be creative. 

Professional Workshops: About Me

Writing and Training Services

Would you like to offer more workshops at your yoga studio or gym? Or have a unique class to offer your students? Have a workshop written specifically for your business and have your teachers trained to teach it. 

You will receive...

  • A complete workshop tailored to your needs

  • An instructor manual 

  • Reproducible student workbooks

  • Full rights to run this workshop and use the materials 


  • Teacher training for up to 20 yoga teachers (must hold 200-hr certification)

Workshop pricing is determined by the amount of time taken to write it. Please e mail to set up a meeting or phone chat. 

Teacher Training

Host a teacher training at your studio and have all of your staff trained to teach a new style of yoga. 

Options include:

  • yin yoga

  • restorative yoga

  • vinyasa flow

  • prenatal yoga

  • postnatal/mom and baby yoga

  • pranayama and meditation

Professional Workshops: Welcome
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