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Is Umich Good For Pre Med

Any school is great for pre-med. What’s most important is that you choose the college that best suits you. The attitude of the professors, the philosophy of the school, the classroom and campus environment of the school - all really influence in how you will perform as a student. UCLA, UCDavis, UCSD are all excellent schools. UMich Pre-Med?? Close.

Vote. Posted by 5 minutes ago. UMich Pre-Med?? I was wondering what pre-med was like at UMich.-What is the grade deflation like?-Can I get into med school if I put in the work?-Would Emory University be a better option for pre-med?-What are. A fit for a medical school goes both ways.” -Rita “Make sure you have a few trusted eyes to help look over and edit your application! It helps so much to have two or three people (ideally each with different strengths and perspectives) to give you feedback on essays that you write for your primary or secondary applications.” -Shannon

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